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Costochondritis. In general if you are Generic avalide 150 12.5 not having discomfort from costochonditis.you don’t need pain medications. Having said that and knowing very little about you otherwise.the best person to ask your question is your doctor who actually knows you and your problems. . Read more.

Weight gain on BCP’s. Any birth control pill can cause weight gain as they are steroids. I would call your doctor and go with a very low dose pill.one with a different progesterone. There are many types and it should be a matter of finding the levlen birth control generic formula for you. . Read more.

JACustomer. Is the risk of pregnancy lower considering I am due to get my period in the next day or so? Just have read the risk is lower so wanted to clarify!

I stop right at the 5th pill and threw away all of the remaining pills and promissed to myself that never again to any pill.

So.I decided to come off the pill.thinking that if that doesn’t change.then I obviously need to get help and see if I did have depression. But what an amazing difference!! Since coming off it.I feel like this cloud has been lifted. I can think clearer.I’m definitely happier.and I just feel better overall. Is that all just in my head. Or does coming off Levlen have something to do with it?

Use a back-up birth control if you are sick with severe vomiting or diarrhea.

Dr. C.. Ok.glad to help. FYI.it’s only a few antibiotics that decrease the effectiveness of BCPs. Most antibiotics do not decrease effectiveness of the BCPs.

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